How To Prepare for your Trip to Taiwan

Rightly called “Ilha Formosa”, Taiwan is a gorgeous destination that is meant to be on everyone’s bucket list. Stunning views, busy night markets, lip smacking cuisine, endearing people and culture – Taiwan is the hotspot for a myriad of experiences. Whether you decide to go on a solo backpacking trip across the numerous hiking trails the country has to offer or you are headed there for your honeymoon, Taiwan is just as perfect as it gets.


A bunch of flights are available from Delhi to Taipei, and if booked in advance, you can find yourself a really economical deal. Additionally, Taiwanese currency is only slightly stronger than the Indian rupee (1 TWD is roughly equivalent to INR 2.50), making it quite an economical destination – even if it is your first international travel. There are different accommodation options – from resorts to bed-n-breakfasts – which are suitable for a range of budgets.

Ideally, December to March is an off-season for tourists so you may want to plan your travel around this time to cut down your expenses even further.

Taiwan is an inexplicable experience for first timers, so make sure you have covered the highlights to completely soak in this gorgeous destination. If you are headed to Taiwan for the first time, make sure that you have visited these five place for a trip that will keep you coming back for more.

Chishang Township

East and Southeast Asian countries are known for their splendid paddy fields and rice terraces and Taiwan is no different. Located in Taitung County, Chishang has a sublime view of lush green fields, pretty mountains and divine-looking lakes that are sure to take your breath away.

Taroko National Park

Built around the breathtaking Taroko Gorge, this park is a haven for nature lovers. Years of rainbow coloured marbles growing on the cliffs are quite a sight to behold. Don’t miss the Baiyang Trail of waterfalls and Shakadang trail of streams for a complete experience of this place.

Yongkang Street

Asia is a hub for some of the best cuisines in the world and Taiwan lives up to this reputation and how! If you want to experience a full range of Taiwan’s incredible gastronomic world, Yongkang Street is where you should be headed. Don’t forget to try out the famous cong zhua bing which are flaky pancakes filled with egg and are a treat to your palate!

Orchid Island

Being an island in itself, Taiwan is filled with gorgeous coastline for some out-of-the-world diving experiences. Orchid Island is possibly the most popular spot for scuba diving and the sights under water are to die for. From pelagic lifeforms like sharks and manta rays to pretty corals and a variety of turtles, diving in the Orchid Island can be a life changing experience.

Shilin Night Market & Wu Fen Pu

Two of the craziest markets in the country, Shilin and Wu are the hubs for some of the craziest deals on clothing you will find. Filled with winding alleys of stacked up shops selling everything from apparel to food, these two places are a must visit for everyone.

But before you start planning your itinerary for Taiwan, or any destination for that matter, get yourself a travel insurance. Although, problems while travelling are not very common, having  travel insurance can take care of unexpected expenses in case of unforeseen situations like sudden illnesses, baggage and passport thefts, accidents, etc. These are issues which plague traveller across the world and can happen to anyone. Taiwan, being a tropical country, is known for their heat waves and also heavy monsoon seasons which your body may not get accustomed to easily. The country is also known for its fair share of earthquakes and typhoons, so no matter what part of you the year you are headed there, it always helps to stay protected.

For a vacation that is meant to be a lifelong memory, you really do not want to take chances with anything going wrong. For any of the Asian countries, the travel insurance from Reliance General is a good bet as it is both economical and also covers a range of benefits specific to these countries, such as:

Emergency medical expenses for unexpected illnesses, injuries and even medical evacuation;

Medical coverage for a range of accidental situations, including acute anesthetic treatment of teeth;

Covers expenses for troubles faced in case of natural disasters;

Expenses for recovering or issuing fresh passports in case of loss;

Baggage losses due to the carriers; and much, much more!

With a little care, Taiwan can be one of your favourite vacations, just like it is mine. So plan your itineraries, buy yourself an insurance, book your tickets and start packing your bags for a vacation which will make you return to this stunning island over and over and over again!