The Hotel Explorer and Youreka’s #SimplyDoNothing Contest

The Hotel Explorer and Youreka are running an exciting contest on Facebook. To participate like Facebook page of The Hotel Explorer and Youreka Extraordinary Holidays and in the comments section on Facebook tell us what a ‘Simply Do Nothing’ holiday means to you, tag your friends with whom you would like to go and use the hashtag #SimplyDoNothing. One winner will win a two night/three day stay with meals for a couple! The contest closes 12th July, 2015. So hurry because Youreka is offering 20% discount to all the participants. And who knows you might just win a FREE stay!

The Hotel Explorer and Youreka #SimplyDoNothing Contest

The Hotel Explorer and Youreka #SimplyDoNothing Contest

Youreka Extraordinary Holidays is a wilderness camping holiday offering for adults especially homemakers and working professionals who are often hard pressed for time. Youreka has been organizing nature campouts for discerning travelers across picturesque locations in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu since 2012.

If you are wondering what a #SimplyDoNothing holiday means well let us give you an idea. Our minds almost never rest, even when we sleep. “Simply Do Nothing” mantra allows a person to disconnect from his/her everyday routine which is often defined by itineraries, fixed schedule and a set pattern.

Simply Do Nothing Holiday: At a Youreka Camp you can holiday at your own pace

Simply Do Nothing Holiday: At a Youreka Camp you can holiday at your own pace

While at a Youreka Camp you can take it slow without having to adhere to a strict itinerary, there is also an option of indulging in outdoor activities. Youreka plans soft adventure activities and there is a choice for those who would wish to challenge themselves in the outdoors. Here is what we have for you

·Do-it-yourself camping- Trek with a map & compass into the wilderness for a day out. Pitch your tent & cook your own food.

·Rock climbing- It’s You v/s The Rock. Push oneself to the vertical limit over varied rock faces.

· Rappelling- Experience the thrill of coming down a steep rock face.

· Mountain Biking- Experience the rush of all terrain biking through mountain trails.

·Archery and Riffle shooting- The fun never ends at our campsite. Try your hands at being a marksman.

· Exploring Himalayan National Park- Home to a wide species of flora and fauna and known for its medicinal herbs, the trek offers an enriching experience.

·River/Lake activities and Stream Walk- An experience like no other, challenge mother nature for up-stream walk, while being refreshed with gushing and chilled water.

·Trekking- Introduction to Tyrolean Traverse, familiarizing yourself with technical Equipment, pulling and rope tightening techniques and much more.

So are you ready for your Youreka #SimplyDoNothing holiday?

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