Spalicious Celebs: Bollywood Divas and their Favourite Spas

By Aarti Kapur Singh

Tinseltown’s resident Venuses indubitably can indulge in some of the best beauty therapies money can buy. But when it comes to well-deserved rest and relaxation, moolah is not what helps them make a choice. Here is what some of our celebrated beauties prefer for rejuvenation and unwinding.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan

“I am absolutely in love with the Oberoi Rajvilas Spa in Jaipur. I have traveled the world and been to many spas, but there is something so basic and yet regal about this place. I have tried out all their relaxing massages and even complex specifically targeted herbal oil and paste therapies to pamper myself and feel rejuvenated and fresh. The best bit about the spa experience at Oberoi Rajvilas is that a good dose of yoga, meditation, gym, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, and beauty parlor services is thrown in for good measure. So they are inspired by the traditional Indian traditions of healing, health from within and rejuvenation, but also incorporate international influences of indulgence and pampering. I am particularly fond of their Maharani ritual spa experience. The massage alone lasts about an hour and I invariable doze off. Their lemon and yoghurt body massage has done wonders to my skin as well. To relax beneath the fingertips of an expert masseur slowly resolving the tension in your nerves and knots in your muscles is an unmatched and indescribable experience! Every time I am there I experience heaven.”

Priyanka Chopra

“I would love to visit a spa as often as I can but with my hectic schedule, I don’t really get a chance to. I enjoy all aspects of a spa experience and it is hard to pick a favourite – depends on whether it is my feet that are overworked or my hair that has been subject to harshness. Bali is said to be Asia’s spa capital, and I definitely agree. Ayana Spa is located on the rocks, surrounded by the Indian Ocean—so beautiful. The Balinese make the most of fresh vanilla from the jungle, homemade oils and exfoliants, natural volcanic pumice, and rarefied spices. They also rely on seawater to restore vital minerals to the body, so many of their treatments involve ‘Seawater Therapy.’ At Ayana, my go-to is the Lava Me Tender, a natural antioxidant heaven: After a foot soak, lava body scrub, and luxurious black rice bath, you get a deep tissue massage and then a volcanic earth body wrap. The Mac Daddy of all spa treatments!”


“I am totally a spa person – it is just so blissful. In fact I love the idea of spa holidays too – when you can be cut off from the world and pamper just yourself – what an ideal thought! I am open to trying out varied therapies. In fact as soon as I check into a hotel I’ve never stayed in before, the first thing I usually do is check out their spa facilities. I am aware of all the new treatments in vogue or being talked about and try them out as soon as I possibly can. And the moment I come to know that any spa has introduced a new indulgence, I am usually the first one to try it out. My friends are forever asking me for recommendations – I am that up to date with what is new and good. I tried out the honey scrub, massage and fruit facial at the Marriott in Pune and it was so good that I can hardly wait to go there again. My face felt so hydrated after that and all the ingredients that they used clearly worked. And it is not like it lasted just the day of the treatment. My skin felt better and cleaner after and for a very long time.”

Alia Bhatt

“I love to go for full body scrubs and massages at Myrah Day Spa in Mumbai. I am a big fan of their of hair treatments and end up there at least once a week after a hectic day.”

Celeb Favourite: Quan Spa at JW Marriott, Mumbai


Aditi Rao Hydari

“I love the concept of rejuvenating through water therapy at the Quan Spa, J W Marriott in Mumbai. A shower always is a stress buster and freshens you up. At the Quan Spa, I give two thumbs up to the Manihi Lagoon Island bath, which uses the rhythm of the water. The aroma of water adds to the sensory experience – making you actually feel you lounging in a pool, away from the madding crowds. Quan also its own body massage in which they use a moisturizing balm to massage your body. I was told it contains Brazil nut oil and Vitamin E oil. And it is not just a massage – for they use amazing strokes from the palm of the hand on the body and reflexology on the feet – you can actually feel the stress flowing with the hand movements of the masseur. I sleep like a baby whenever I come home from there.”