How I manage Traveling With an Infant: Tips and Hacks

By Vishakha Talreja

If you have been following me on any of my social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you have been reading my reviews on this website, you would know by now that I am a new mom who has a little travel companion. My Little Explorer is about to turn six months and has already taken about four domestic trips with me. So many of my readers, followers and friends have been asking me this question: How Do You Manage traveling with an infant? To answer this question here are some tips that have helped me and things that I have learnt along the way.

1) Talk to Your Pediatrician 

If it’s your baby’s first trip it’s a good idea to talk to your pediatrician and take tips from him. If he is your child’s regular doctor, he would understand the kind of baby he or she is and might be able to dispense advice that nobody else can give you. My Little Explorer’s first trip was a road trip, my pediatrician told me that since he’s just three months I shouldn’t use a car seat and holding him was a better idea since our body will absorb any jerk. Later when I planned another trip to the hills, surprisingly he was encouraging unlike many others and in fact told me that it was a good idea for the little one to escape to the hills away from Delhi’s smog that was causing allergies and giving a running nose to most kids. So visit your pediatrician for some encouragement and sound advice.

2) Packing Tips 

Before I became a mother, last minute packing was my favorite thing to do. Things are different now. One needs to plan and pack in advance when traveling with an infant. You would have read a lot of packing tips on the net and here is the list again because yes it’s so important to pack all essentials when you are traveling with an infant. Do carry medicines, even the prescription ones, toys (yes you’ll need them), lots and lots of nappies, pacifier and bibs. If you are taking a flight instead of feeding him, as suggested by many websites, it’s a better idea to let the baby suck on a pacifier during landing and take-off as he/she might choke on milk.

3) Hotel-wise 

Since this blog is all about hotels, here’s the hotel booking tip. Choose a hotel that is centrally located since you don’t want to be far from hospital and markets when you are traveling with an infant. Also central areas are closer to tourist attractions since you don’t want to commute for long hours. Most good booking websites have exact information about hotels location. For instance when I search for hotels in Bangalore, this booking site shows hotels according to areas. One must make use of such online tools.

Also its a good idea to opt for a villa or a suite if the hotel offers such accommodations. Even though most infants sleep in the same room you do need more space with infants. Recently when I travelled to Radisson, Agra with my infant, the suite ensured that I could make some space in the living area for my baby to play on the floor, while his cot was in our bedroom. Similarly home stays, serviced apartments and independent villas are ideal stay options especially if your baby is of the age where he/she has started eating. More about such accommodations in a separate post later.

4) Asking the Experienced Family Travelers

Though it’s always not the best thing to hear out others when it comes to taking care of your child; however its not a bad idea to take travel tips from experienced and savvy ones. My baby has taken only domestic trips this year but in 2017 he will be taking his first international trip. So I asked my friend, who frequently travels with her baby and she told me that in last two years she has taken about 30 flights with her kid, adding that her best experience has been with Emirates Airlines. From baby bassinet to extra checked baggage allowance to even upgrades at times; there are many add-ons this airline offers to those traveling with infants. Real people experiences always help in making better choices when it comes to travel. So don’t shy away and ask around. Also travel stories of family travelers have helped boost my confidence because lets accept it traveling with an infant does makes one jittery at times.

Hope you’ll find this post not only useful but also inspiring. Let’s ensure our babies are not just well educated and mannered but well-travelled as well.