Actor Randeep Hooda Launches the Gurgaon Polo And Equestrian Club @ Golden Greens Golf Course, Gurgaon

By Rini Ankita Dasgupta

Is it true that some children today are no longer in touch with nature and animals? That they’re cross-continental globe trotters, but a weekend away with the family and away from thick cronies and gadgets is a task not worth mulling over? Well, growing up in 24 hour air-conditioning with pretty much everything on a platter at the drop of a hat (or the touch of a touch pad) has a way of crippling a growing kid in an otherwise healthy and loving family. Randeep Hooda, whose relationship with Haryana cuts deeper than kite strings, believes that the residents here should take a fair advantage of what Golden Greens Golf Course at the foothills of the Aravali range has to offer. A full-fledged weekend week-end circuit is literally spelt out by the lush lawns sprawled 300 acres of land. Oh, did I mention fresh, unpolluted and carbon free air with soothing dew drops in natural trail walks?

Randeep Hooda with a young Rider

Randeep Hooda with a young Rider

If you gather that this is ideal for a 3 day escape from a concrete jungle that is consuming us, you’re right. However, that is just the tip of the ice-berg. The actor’s much adored and prized project has been officially launched as the Gurgaon Polo and Equestrian Club. Team Royal Roosters and Golden Greens Golf Course have come together to crank out a planned itinerary for luxury and lifestyle sports.

This property can proudly stake a claim to equestrian fame, as it captures the finesse of horse-ridden sports and the precision of notable trainers. A full training programme for Polo is available at not-so-celebrity prices for one and all. A horse aficionado, the handsome actor fondly ran his hand down the magnificent creature before jumping onto his back and explained why he’s not a celebrity at the resort. “I’m not paid to promote horses or any horse ridden game, it’s my pure love for them that has pushed me to this. “ Randeep finds riding very therapeutic as it gives him space to unwind. “Aftermany years of being a horse lover and competing with the best, I have finally managed to create an opportunity to give back to the sport directly. So with this initiative, I want to share this wonderful world and introduce more people to the horses and the art of riding.”

That said, horses are associated with yuppies of decadent sports and high-end living, but in reality they’re simple, dazzling creatures with very kind, benevolent and accepting personalities. “It is not the expense, but the access to horses that has prevented people from enjoying benefits,” expresses  Randeep, who has a bit to say about shedding fear and understanding horse psyche from the deepest love chamber of his heart in this clip.

Located in the foothills of the Aravalli, the club will have daily riding lessons, polo coaching and hack rides. Surrounded by hills, the area is an idyllic setting for nature and trail walks. The club will also offer facilities for stabling horses and offer weekend outdoor experiences for families and corporates alike. Members can enjoy a host of activities in addition to riding with access to a golf driving range, 18 hole golf course and future plans that include other adventure sports like Para-motoring and trail trekking and camping.

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