Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Maldives

1) Free Visa On Arrival  

Maldives offers 30-day free Visa On Arrival to all nationalities. You just need to ensure that you have a valid passport, ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives and a confirmation of reservation in a tourist resort or enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of the stay. Free Visa On Arrival for this gorgeous destination. Sounds awesome right? Don’t visa on arrival’s make life easy.

It is a short flight from India. Just hop on SriLankan Airlines, that has daily flights from Delhi to Colombo and then Colombo to Male. The food that the airline offers is quite good too.

2) The Island Life

Experience the Island life in Maldives- Eat, Sleep, Swim, Repeat. Maldives has about 1190 islands of which a little more than 100 are island resorts. All resort islands have dining options, activities and other facilities. So forget the hustle bustle of the city life for few days or about the hassle of hopping on a tourist bus, queuing up to get a glimpse of a popular tourist sightseeing spot. Just sit back and enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Yes thats what a Maldivian holiday is all about-  experiencing the calm of an island.

3) Water Activities

If you are a water sport enthusiast Maldives is for you. If you are not, there are still ample of activities to indulge in. Go snorkeling and get up close and personal with the life under water – corals, fish, sharks. The view below water is breathtakingly beautiful. If snorkeling or diving are not right up your alley, then you could just go for sunset boat rides and maybe get a glimpse of the dolphins or be a part of the shark feeding ritual that most resorts have. In Maldives there is never a dull moment. It brings you so close to nature that it almost makes you forget all those concrete images!

The Boat is ready to take guests for Angling

The Boat is ready to take guests for Angling

4) Of Romance and Weddings 

How about white sand and turquoise water playing the perfect background for your wedding? Maldives is a charming destination if you are looking at a destination wedding. Most resorts have special wedding packages and go all the way to make your big day special. If you are already married, it is also a great place to renew your wedding vows. Resorts offer Wedding Vow packages too which include rituals solemnized by a local priest, local folk singers and romantic lunch by the beach. The package which on an average costs 500 dollars also includes bridal make up and a photographer can be arranged on request. Renewing wedding vows in the picturesque Maldivian setting, I have added this to my bucket list and you?

A Couple Renewing their Wedding Vows at Meeru Island Resort

A Couple Renewing their Wedding Vows at Meeru Island Resort

5) The Joys of an All Inclusive Holiday 

While you can book a room only at one of the island resort, most resorts offer all inclusive packages. Since one spends time only at the island that all-inclusive band on your wrist makes the stay hassle free with meals, alcohol and few activities thrown in.  So don’t forget to check for all-inclusive packages from the resort.

6) Water Villas 

Imagine waking up to the view of sun rays playing with emerald blue water, a view you can experience straight from your bed as soon as you open your eyes. Resorts here have rooms across three categories – garden, beach and water or ocean villas. The fun of vacationing in Maldives lies in checking in at one of the ocean/water villa. You can swim right outside your villa in lagoon water. However if you have hydrophobia or not too comfortable with the sound of waves at night, a beach vila or a garden villa is a better choice. Though I would go back just to spend some more time at a water villa.

Photographed by Anna Hult

Water Villa

(Disclaimer: The Hotel Explorer was in Maldives on invitation of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation )