Warehouse Cafe, Gurgaon: Attention Beer Lovers!

By Vishakha Talreja

Beer is the new Scotch. The whiskey drinkers and wine connoisseurs are warming up to this cool frothy drink. Result, besides beer sales shooting up we have a whole new breed of restaurants where food takes a backseat and Beer rules. While Beer Cafes that offer draught beer are cool, for a Beer aficionado a restaurant with a microbrewery is sacrosanct.

A new one to have hopped on to this beer wagon is WareHouse Cafe in the buzzing Sector 29 market Gurgaon, which houses every kind of restaurant and pub a Dilliwala could ask for. So why you should be visiting WareHouse Cafe? Read On.

This pub-cum-family dine-in is just not another bogey on the bandwagon but one that stands out among other beer places in sector 29 market. WareHouse Cafe, another one from Priyank Sukhija stable, is spread over two swanky floors. The decor is warehouse-like, rustic but peppy and classy.


Goodness Summed Up: Wheat Beer, Tonic chicken, Chaat Platter and Nizami American Twist Kebab

The WareHouse Cafe in Gurgaon, which is newer cousin of the CP outlet, has recently opened its microbrewery thats serves fresh beer using German Malt. The superheroes themed menu has wheat beer brewed Bavarian style, pale lager and darker malts to choose from. So you have beers called Superman Weiss Beer, Spiderman Pilsner, Batman Dark and Thor, all priced economically. Quirky is the new normal. Though I again underline that its beer you should go for, but if thats not your poison at all there are also interesting speciality cocktails to choose from.


Superheroes Galore at Warehouse Cafe

For teetotallers too there are quirky mocktails that come in Banta bottles reminiscent of the 90s. We loved their Narangi Anar and Jaljeera flavors from the Banta Bar.

Warehouse cafe gurgaon

Throwback To the 90s Banta: Don’t miss the Narangi Anar Banta

Though I knew the bar would be impressive, what I wasn’t sure about was the food. So it was a pleasant surprise when the appetizers came- great presentation, sumptuous and not your run-of-the-mill tikkas or stir fried vegetables.The eclectic menu has street food, starters, pizza, pasta, burgers, Indian and Oriental mains and also alcohol infused European food. We started with the humble Warehouse Chaat Sampler that had bhalla papdi, samosa and tikki. Of course its something avoidable until you crave for street food every now and then like me. We came to the recommended starters then which were all lip smackingly good- Mexican Chipotle Paneer Tikka, Nizami and American Twist Kebab ( juicy lamb kebabs served with yellow dip and french fries) and Vodka infused Mahi Tikka. Gin and Tonic Rubbed Chicken part of the Warehouse Alcoholic infused Europeans’ was the star of the night, a must try! For desserts do try the innovative Paan Pasand.

Paan Pasand

Round it Up with Paan Pasand

I often judge new-age pubs by the kind of pizza they serve. If you can’t do it well, don’t have it on the menu- it’s that simple. Warehouse Cafe passed this test as well, thin crust wood fired pepperoni pizza and the Spicy Bacon Pizza were perfect. For mains we opted for the tried and tested  Paneer Makhni, Dal Makhni and Murg Makhni with Indian breads. Main course you can skip, but definitely visit Warehouse Cafe for the beer and appetizers.


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Summary:WareHouse Cafe, another one from Priyank Sukhija stable, is a winner with its microbrewery and interesting menu.