Shine Spa @ Sheraton Bangalore: Shining, like a Diamond

By Aarti Kapur Singh

shine spa

The best thing about Shine Spa at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel  is the feeling of complete silence and tranquillity that envelops you as soon as you walk in from the door. Despite being located on the fourth floor of a hotel in the heart of a bustling business district, the spa is a veritable sanctuary of relaxation. Consisting of ten treatment rooms covering 945 square meters of contemporary splendor, dedicated wholly to uplifting your senses – Shine Spa will instantly appeal to you.

Its interiors are rather plush too. Rich, lustrous materials in warm creams, browns and burnished gold are highlighted with vivid cobalt blue, tourmaline and coral accents. The dark Emporader marble stone used in the reception area is famous for its exquisite designs.The Dholpur beige sandstone graces the reception area walls. The ambience of the spa is uplifting and this is because of the scent of Mandarin and mint as well as eucalyptus that are both fresh and rich in citrus properties. Throughout the spa, materials with innate shine, such as marble and onyx, high gloss mahogany, polished metal and glass, are incorporated in homage to the “Shine” theme. Additionally, all guestrooms feature Shine Spa’s signature mandarin and mint in-room amenity collection.

Saif Usmani, Spa Head, Shine Spa at Sheraton Bangalore says, “The atmosphere at Shine Spa creates a delicious balance of the subtle with the opulent to make it one of the best spas in Bangalore. We endeavour to do everything we can to help our guests experience harmonious, sensory, sumptuous and peaceful moments.”

As you walk in to the Shine Spa you are first taken up to the relaxation area which is a bright, comforting space with a flow of natural light streaming in. Engineered wood is used in the relaxation area to provide a homely feeling. Guests are introduced to their therapists here and made comfortable with an aromatic cold towel and a glass of water. They are also offered a choice of refreshing drinks – Cold Cucumber & mint infused water or honey, Lemon with honey & ginger. Lemon with Honey and Ginger is known to be good for its medicinal properties, freshening your breath and is a good immunity system builder. Cucumber with mint clears up congestion of nose, throat and lungs, boost bone health and has anti-aging properties. After a welcome drink, the guests are taken to the treatment area in the level below. Descending the spiral staircase feels like entering a womb – a sanctuary where your reverie will not be disturbed.

Shine-Spa spiceThe Shine Spa offers an inspired menu of rich experiences ranging from tranquil massages to luxurious facials. Completely focused on restoring balance and enhancing health, Shine Spa finds its inspiration in fusing celebrated Western traditions with the balancing principles and elements of Feng Shui: metal; wood; water; fire and earth and the age old and time tested ayurvedic treatments. The Spa menu offers exclusively designed packages, Shine massage services to soothe aches and pains, alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body; Shine facial treatments to purify and enhance beauty. Beyond providing a respite for Shine Spa for Sheraton’s treatment rooms are all self-equipped with a WC and shower as well as changing area within the treatment room, thus eliminating the necessity of stepping out in a robe and walking through guest corridors. The treatment rooms corridors use pebbles in their design, adding an earthy touch and the lighting here is not too bright to provide a relaxing experience. The walls of the treatment rooms are made of Imperial pine springs stacked stone and add to the earthy, natural feel. The jacuzzi, steam bath and vichy shower in a Couple’s Suite are added attractions.

Each treatment begins with a signature foot ritual, which gives your therapist a chance to connect with you and customise your experience. Therapists are more than happy to customize treatments rather than simply adhering to the spa menu.

I opted for a spice-based treatment that consisted of an oatmeal and rice scrub to help cleanse the pores, remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, a sinful massage and a body wrap. I was really happy to note that the therapist was happy to combine Swedish massage strokes with traditional pressing that is so much a part of Ayurvedic technique. The aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg – combined with orange oil transported me to a fully relaxed state. I was then anointed with a nourishing moisturizer to enrich the skin. After my therapy session was over, I was truly re-energised and my skin actually glistened!

The Spa menu offers several packages that can be customised to suit your needs –  Shine massage services to soothe aches and pains, alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body; Shine facial treatments to purify and enhance beauty.

Fast Facts

  • The Shine Spa is located at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway
  • Spread over 945 square meters the spa consists of ten treatment rooms, including a couple suite.
  • At Shine Spa after your treatment you can share a note of gratitude or a joyful message on the glow board.
  • The spice based treatment that the author talks about in the review costs Rs 2,000 for 60 minutes.
Shine Spa @ Sheraton Bangalore: Shining, like a Diamond: overview
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Summary: Shine Spa finds its inspiration in fusing celebrated Western traditions with elements of Feng Shui.