R The Spa, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport Hotel: Goodness of Ayurveda

By Vishakha Talreja

Spanning over three floors of a plush Delhi hotel and spread over 20,000 square feet of area – R The Spa is a perfect wellness oasis. Located at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport Hotel, the experience at R The Spa has become even more holistic as it has introduced Ayurveda Wellness Programme, in addition to other contemporary European and Asian treatments that it is known for.

The Beautiful Entrance of R The Spa

I recently visited R The Spa to experience its Ayurveda menu. The spa has a great vibe and you are transported to the world of rejuvenation as soon as you enter the spa area- water bodies, soft music and mood lighting. An ayurveda specialist checked my pulse rate and correctly gauged the problem areas based on which a customized Abhyangam massage was suggested. Water retention, stress and lack of sleep were some lifestyle problems that the Ayurveda doctor correctly diagnosed. I was amazed by his knowledge as I got chatting. I have been to many Ayurveda spas including a famous destination Ayurveda resort in Kerala, and I was already impressed by the diagnosis at this spa at a city hotel.

R The Spa which has nine treatment rooms, now has two rooms dedicated to Ayurveda. So there is the authentic Ayurveda wood table for the massage. As the aroma of Ayurveda oils filled the room and my therapist worked on every knot in the body, I started feeling light. After one hour my body felt lighter and mind rejuvenated. The 60-minute massage was followed by steam, sauna and bath.

R The Spa

Ayurveda Room at R The Spa

The treatment had a lingering effect and I have decided to be regular with the treatments. An ayurvedic massage is not just a holiday indulgence but has a holistic approach towards mental and physical well being. R The Spa got the science and art of the Ayurveda right. It has an elaborate Ayurveda menu, but here are some of our picks from the menu, to give you an idea. Besides rejuvenating massages helping one to relive the everyday stress, there are specialized treatments for body pain and particular ailments. The prices are for 60 minute treatment but there is an option of going for a longer 90 minute massage as well for which you have to spend a bit more.

Uzichil and Marma Therapy : This traditional Ayurveda Therapeutic Massage uses specific medicinal oils. Uzichil improves physical strength, helps to liquefy toxins and eliminating impurities, induces mental and physical relaxation, normalize blood pressure.

Price: Rs 4000 for 60 minutes.

Shirodhara : Following a full body Therapeutic massage, warmed herbal oil is poured in an even stream onto the forehead to pacify and revitalize the mind and body. As well as its intense rejuvenating and anti-aging effects, Shirodhara improves memory, normalizes sleep patterns, relieve stress and strain related problems and treats other neurological disorders. Shirodhara ultimately strengthens the physical as well as mental constitution of the individual.

Price: Rs 6500 for 60 minutes.

Pizhichil: A popular indulgent rejuvenation treatment during which warm herbal oils are poured all over body while experiencing a soft Abhyanga. The oil application is very slow, light and rhythmic without exerting much pressure and aims to strengthen your immunity and to protect from illness. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, sexual weakness, neurological ailments and helps to arrest the aging process. Price for 60 minutes: Rs 6500 for 60 minutes.

Takradhara: Following a full body Therapeutic massage ,medicated buttermilk poured over the head or all over the body to calm down the mind and cool down the body.              ( Note – 24 hrs notice required ). Price: Rs6500 for 60 minutes.

THE Verdict 

R The Spa has been consistently good with its services and offers great experience to its guests. The Ayurveda Wellness Programme is an add-on that travellers and city dwellers ( since it allows non-residents of the hotel) will love!


Its always a good idea to book your appointment in advance. Lookout for their Day packages for non-residents.

R The Spa, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport Hotel: Goodness of Ayurveda: overview
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Summary:The Ayurveda Wellness Programme is an add-on that travellers and city dwellers ( since it allows non-residents of the hotel) will love!