{Niche} – Lounge & Bistro, Delhi: Carving a Niche

By Vishakha Talreja

Tourists once favorite hangout zone in Delhi, Connought Place lost the steam few years back and sort of became dull. Now with restaurants and pub making a beeline for CP in recent years, it has become food and entertainment epicenter once again.

A new gem added to this crown is Niche Lounge and Bistro, young and dynamic Tarun Arora’s brainchild. Arora with his concept restaurant goes beyond the conventional to create just what the name suggests- a niche experience.

We call this a food review but let us start with the cocktails that are served. The signature cocktails at Niche are innovative, heady and just what you need for that memorable evening. From their Signature cocktail menu we tried Bird in the Hand- fig infused Makers Mark mixed with Taylor’s fine ruby port; vanilla infused Vodka panna cotta based Hokkaido and Henessey cocktail The Cask of Amontillado. Each cocktail, a showstopper that raises the bar! Innovative concoctions, dramatically presented to make it a larger than life experience. And by dramatic we just don’t mean the latest trend of serving cocktails in a jar…but here you’ve got big vessels adorned with flowers come sizzling to your table! The presentation is what makes these cocktails the real treat, Niche has gone the whole hog to make presentation cutting edge.


The Cask of Amontillado: Cocktails are presented in a chic style

For my next time I have their other cocktails like chamomile tequila based Daisy and the Cassia smoked Dark Rum based The Lighthouse on my list. For chai lovers there is also Chai and Rye Julep that is worth the shot. Think Experimental, Think Niche Signature Cocktails.

If you are a teetotaler, Niche still has got you covered. Don’t confuse the beautifully presented orange and beetroot cocktail for a glass of Sangria! Though its sure to make you feel tipsy with the way its done.

Spread over two floors, the ambience too is a bit heady and something your senses will get hooked too. Grab a leather sofa or enjoy the signature cocktails at the long island 15-20 seater bar or you could soak in the spectacular view of CP at the terrace that the restaurant has aptly christened as ‘Air by Niche’. Progressive cuisine dining calls for a progressive ambience and the team at Niche has successfully created it.

Niche Interiors

Niche outdoors

Besides upmarket interiors, Niche also offers alfresco dining

Coming to the food. My first thoughts looking at the food menu were: ‘This is different’.  And my last..’They have done it well.” We tried the Paneer Dum Ka Roll, Pulled Kathal Tacos, Pappu Chicken and Chicken Khurchan Tacos for appetizers. You must try each of them. If your palette is sick of the usual paneer tikka you will love the flavor and texture of the Paneer Dum Ka Roll. The kathal tacos are great for mock meat aficionados .


New-Age Dining: Food that Looks Good, Tastes Good!

For mains we had the Bengali Fish Fry Sandwich, Lamb Shanks in Rogan Josh gravy, 62 degree C Chicken Breast and Smoked Mushroom Risotto. For accompaniments there was the Pesto Naan and you have to try this speciality. The menu is not monotonous and every dish tantalizes your taste buds- the fish fry patty is soft, the lamb shank gravy tantalizes taste buds and chicken breast is a complete delectable meal in itself. Its just the kind of fusion food you need- fancy, appetizing and sumptuous. What is pleasantly surprising is the fact that the meal doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket even though its not your usual tikka, tandoori, butter naan meal. Though the signature cocktails (each priced at Rs 1,000) might leave your wallet feeling lighter.

Service is not exactly impeccable, but we like to call them teething troubles or the dilemma of a restaurant that is packed on a Saturday night. With restaurant space getting cluttered, Niche is for sure carving a space for itself.

{Niche} – Lounge & Bistro, Delhi: Carving a Niche: overview
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Summary:With its innovative cocktails and progressive cuisine, Niche has carved out a space for itself.