Mekosha Ayurveda SpaSuites Retreat: A Healing Experience

By Vishakha Talreja

Away from the bustle and stress of urban life, I spent four days at a luxe all-suite wellness retreat near Trivandrum- Mekosha Ayurveda SpaSuites Retreat. Located on the outskirts of Trivandrum, the property has a quiet river flowing by.

There are 11 suites and each suite at Mekosha is tastefully done and has a private spa treatment room. So you don’t need to step out each time you are getting a treatment done. This is a relief considering at Mekosha your wellness plan would include two to three treatments a day. Every suite also has a personal library and a balcony overlooking the swimming pool and all modern amenities, underscoring the fact that Mekosha is not your run-of-the-mill Ayurveda resort. The entire property is designed in a minimalist theme including handcrafted teak wood, and clean, elegant interiors to avoid any clutter or strain on the mind.

The retreat has a doctor who designs a customized treatment plan for every guest. In a bid to heal your mind, body and soul the retreat lays lot of emphasizes on food. The chef prepares fixed portions and fresh ingredients are used. 

My time at Mekosha was spent reading books, taking long walks, lounging by the river and going with the treatment plan that the doctor prepared. The retreat encourages people to stay within the premises and attend yoga classes in the evening. I also spent time talking to fellow guests at the community table. I came back rejuvenated and learning a lot about Ayurveda and its philosophy. The potli massage and oil baths that were part of my treatment were helpful for my back ache that the doctor was quick to diagnose.

Mekosha, brain child of  Ram Wasan, has been conceptualised by a team of seasoned industry professionals that have created large leading projects in their respective careers and with extensive expertise in all aspects of hotel development, operations and management.

If you are looking at visiting Mekosha here is a quick lowdown on all the programs available that you can choose from:

Guaranteed Weight Loss – Special weight reduction treatments are included in this package with the purpose of mobilizing and cutting down excess fat, correcting irregular metabolism, and clearing the body channels.

Unlimited Ayurveda – Mekosha’s Unlimited Ayurveda package brings the best of everything that Mekosha has to offer into one package, with a level of treatment that can take care of anyone wanting to be endlessly pampered. The program is also recommended for those who have severe ailments – they receive the kind of personal care and attention required to bring them back to perfect health.

Panchakarma / Rejuvenation – Panchakarma, meaning “5 actions” is a set of five cleansing, detoxifying treatments that balances excess doshas and rejuvenates the whole body. The effects of panchakarma can be felt for a year or longer if the proper diet and lifestyle advice is followed. This package provides a 7-day Panchakarma Chikitsa Initiation for rejuvenation purposes. To experience the full impact of Panchakarma and its 5 actions, this package is recommended to be booked for 21 to 28 days

Cancer Recovery For those who have undergone chemo radiation therapies, Mekosha offers a program that strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and gives a boost that energizes and leads to a life full of happiness and peace.

Detox & Rehab The detoxification and rehabilitation program at Mekosha aids in regaining previously lost equilibrium and balance. De-addiction and detoxification therapies such as herbal oil massages, Shirodhara, Njavarakizhi, Thailam and herbal steam bath, would be administered to cleanse and prepare the body.

Skin & Respiratory Disorders – Mekosha’s bespoke packages help overcome asthma, bronchitis and other related breathing disorders. There are treatment packages for eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin and other various skin ailments.

Specific Ailments – The 50+ ayurvedic treatments offered at Mekosha cater to digestion related issues such as constipation, cramps & bloating, head related issues such as migraines & sinusitis, eye problems such as blurred vision, immunity-related issues such as falling sick easily, depression & insomnia. This package offers an extensive prior consultation to understand the affected dhatus & dosha imbalance, and a personalized plan is made to ensure that all treatment is administered with care & attention.

Mekosha also offers all inclusive wellness programs, For more information and reservation please visit

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Summary:A luxe Ayurveda retreat