BRYS CAVES, Jim Corbett National Park: Summer Package

Brys Caves

Hotel rooms are boring! On your next jungle holiday, how about staying in a Cave? Yes you got that right..A Cave.

Encapsulating the typical jungle experience, BRYS CAVES, situated near Jim Corbett National Park, is a serene getaway from the hectic city life.

BRYS CAVES combines raw nature in the form of caves and modern aesthetics to offer a holiday that is both wild and luxurious at the same time. Its 37 ‘wildly’ designed ‘Caves’ include Shivalik Cave, King Cave, Queen Cave and a Grand Tree House.

BRYS CAVES houses a Bar & Discotheque, Czar, which has a wide selection of wines & beverages. It’s restaurant, Timberland, offers a dining experience to strum your taste buds with a varied range of cuisines of your choice, surrounded by the breathless ambience of the wild woods with divine humming of birds.